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Who we are...

We are healers combining a unique blend of traditional physiological treatments and state-of-the-art holistic practices. Dr. Nick Kraetzer is a Board Certified Chiropractor with over 30 years experience.

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What We Do...

We treat all patients as an archeological site and backtrack generations of patterns to the origins of the body. Our unique techniques are not found outside of our office and are truly that rare treatment and experience.


Our Mission

Once we get a thorough understanding of your bodies needs. We will treat you with various spinal manipulations and physiotherapies. A new higher level of health can be achieved with our safe and gentle detox products, if you choose.

"The preservation of health is easier than the cure for disease."

                           - B.J. Palmer

We're Anatomical Archaeologists!

 At Vital Chiropractic, we treat all patients as an archaeological site and backtrack generations of patterns to the origins of the body.
Our unique techniques are not found outside of our office and are truly that rare treatment and experience.
At Vital Chiropractic your body isn’t the only thing getting treated, your life is!
Dr. Nicholas Kraetzer, D.C., uses a blend of cutting edge chiropractic science and holistic healing, specializing in acute and chronic spinal conditions, to keep you well!

Dr. Nicholas Kraetzer, D.C. received a doctorate from Pasadena College of Chiropractic in 1988 and has been in practice in Fountain Valley, Orange County, California ever since. Through his love of good health and chiropractic, Dr. Kraetzer began his life quest for the “Whole Body Wellness” with his extensive background in organic chemistry and comprehensive biochemistry.

For many years, Dr. Kraetzer volunteered as a doctor on a faith based mercy ship and spent a great deal of time developing numerous forms of chiropractic adjustment techniques. At the various ports-of-call, he collected and cataloged many specimens for his formulations as well as explored folk and tribal remedies that have been used for hundreds of years.

Dr. Kraetzer's childhood aspirations were toward veterinary medicine however in his teenage years he was influenced by his uncle to pursue chiropractic sciences.

In developing dozens of naturopathic solutions for ailments, Dr. Kraetzer has opened doors long thought to be closed or too difficult to open.

Dr. Kraetzer pursued his education and training in full-body health training from a certified master herbalist and homeopath.  Years of development led to the creation of a very diverse and direct approach to cleansing the body of toxins and pathogens known today as the “Nova Vitae - Whole Body Cleanse”, the starting and ending points for full-body health.

Today, Dr. Kraetzer continues to improve and refine his infusions in the pursuit of good health and wellness.

The Staff:

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Next Steps...

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Accepting PPO insurances and TriWest Health Alliance for all Military Veterans.
Vital Chiropractic is following the strict guidelines from the CDC to ensure the health and safety of our patients.